Erin ​Heidenreich




Client: P&G

Agency: Publicis

Production Co: Harbor

DP: Nanu Segal

Editor: Janis Vogel

Producer: Sally Llewellyn

Client: P&G

Agency: Publicis Sapient

Production Co: Furlined

DP: Ashley Connor

Editor: Marlo Caine

Producer: Dustin Highbridge

GrubHub + No Kid Hungry

Client: GrubHub

Production Co: Furlined

DP: Jo Willems

Editor: Janis Vogel + Georgia Dodson

Producer: Jason Gilbert

Megan Rapinoe + The Skills

Client + Production Co.: The Skills

DP: August Thurmer

Producer: Ali Goldstone


Client: Peloton

Production Co: Furlined

DP: Jo Willems

Producer: Dustin Highbridge


Client: T-Mobile Internet

Production Co: Furlined

DP: August Thurmer

Producer: Dustin Highbridge


Client: Ford + GOOD

Production Co: Jefferson Projects

DP: Jerry Henry

Editor: Adam Svatek

Producer: Chris Totushek

Michael Phelps + The Skills

Client + Production Co.: The Skills

DP: August Thurmer

Producer: Ali Goldstone

Orgasmic Meditation

Client: OneTaste

Production Co.: Uprise

DP: Gareth Taylor

Producer: Bristol Baughan

Editor: Dina Mande

[Audio is NSFW]

Always + Walmart

Client: P&G

Production Co.: Harbor

DP: Andressa Cordeiro


The War to Be Her

Documentary Feature

In Waziristan, “one of the most dangerous places on earth”, Maria ​Toorpakai is able to play sports freely only because she passes as a boy. ​When her identity is revealed and death threats ensue, she flees Pakistan. ​This film follows her as she returns to Pakistan to play freely and to defy ​the Taliban.

[Premiere] Toronto International Film Festival, {Winner} OutFest Grand Jury ​Special Prize, {Winner} Alice Guy-Blaché Female Filmmaker Award, ​{Winner} Peace and Sport Awards Sportel Monaco, DOC NYC, Human Rights ​Watch Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, Frameline Film Festival ​Centerpiece Film, Oslo/Fusion Film Festival, Melbourne International Film ​Festival, Athena Film Festival, Mountain Film Telluride Film Festival, ​Arclight Documentary Series Selection

Producers: Cassandra Sanford-Rosenthal, Matthew J. Malek, Jonathon ​Power

Editor: Christina Burchard

Cinematographers: Mahera Omar, Nausheen Dadabhoy, Zeeshan Shafa, ​Talha Ahmed, Erin Heidenreich, Jerry Henry, Matthias Schubert

Rising Sons

Documentary Short

In the Democratic Republic of The Congo, often called “The Rape Capital ​of the World”, this film explores how one couple works to end sexual ​violence against women through the transformation of men.

{Winner} San Francisco Shorts Audience Award, {Winner} Impact Doc ​Award of Excellence, {Winner} Best Short Documentary L.A. Jewish Film ​Festival, DOC NYC, Vail Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, United ​Nations Association Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival, Sedona ​Film Festival {Winner}, Vimeo Staff Pick

Producers: Susan Saltz, Erin Heidenreich

Executive Producers: Susan Saltz, Bristol Baughan

Production Co: New Light Media

Cinematographers: Jerry Henry, Gareth Taylor

Editor: Adam Svatek

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Short Film

A woman who chooses to be the author of her own life.

Producers: Jana Diaz Juhl, Bristol Baughan

Production Co: LA Panda

Director of Photography: Matthias Schubert

Editor: Adam Svatek

Cast: Maria Aceves

Wandering Mind

Short Film

A glimpse into what happens inside a woman’s mind during sex.

Producers: Bristol Baughan, Erin Heidenreich, Elisa Lleras

Director of Photography: Matthias Schubert

Editor: Haley Thompson

Cast: Breeda Wool

[potentially a tad NSFW]

Six Feet Apart

Experimental Short Film

First film to be shot in the heat of the pandemic, when fear permeated ​every interaction with a stranger, two people cross paths and find a new ​way to keep six feet apart.

Cast: Danielle Agami, Jobel Medina

Producer: Elisa Lleras

Director of Photography: Alexis Zabé

Editor: Al Kamalizad


Documentary Short

Under the flight path to LAX is a one square mile area called Lennox, often ​ignored and unknown to the rest of Los Angeles. Many students were left ​out of the system when trying to get into high school and this film ​captures what happens when you give young teenagers the tools, love ​and support to rise to their full potential.

Producers: Bristol Baughan, Erin Heidenreich

Client: Coalition for Engaged Education

Production Co: Love Child

Director of Photography: Gareth Taylor

Editor: Adam Svatek


Plastic is Forever

Pierce & Paris Brosnan team up to support the Basel, Rotterdam and ​Stockholm Conventions.

Client: The Krim Group

Production Co: Special Order

Director of Photography: Matthias Schubert

Featuring: Pierce Brosnan & Paris Brosnan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

PSA Melinda Gates screened for the United Nations General Assembly. ​Entitled “What If”.

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Agency: Weber Shandwick

Production Co: Furlined

Producer: Ritu Paramesh

Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides

The War Legacies Project: Kim

Deep in the jungles of Vietnam, the third generation of children are still ​experiencing the effects of Agent Orange that was sprayed on their land ​during the Vietnam War.

Client: The War Legacies Project

Cinematographers: Elsa Payen, Quinn Ryan Mattingly

Editor: Vince De Mira


With DP Jerry Henry in a helicopter, flying to a compound outside of ​Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo for RISING SONS

work bio is below, but ​first, A bit about me as a ​person

Living a radical life to the fullest as much as possible, I’m dedicated to ​creating stories and experiences that lift people up and open their ​perspective and their hearts. Leaving my small town in Wisconsin at 17 ​years old after an unbearable loss, I understood how sacred life is and I ​wanted to embrace all of it.

I live at the intersection of healing, art, and consciousness. And it is from ​here where I create.

I thrive in the complexity of life. I am energized by adventures to far off ​places, as well as by quieting my mind. I spend as much time as ​possible in nature, and utilize technologies (A.I., VR, Virtual Production, ​etc) as tools to loosen binds and limitations on creativity.

Beauty connects me to this world and playfulness grounds me in it. Being ​part of the solution & healing for as many beings as possible is my North ​Star. I am constantly planting seeds to grow and am not the same ​person as I was just a few years ago, and hopefully, you aren’t either.

background watercolor Earth tone

My approach

conscious Leadership

Over the years, I have developed a style of leadership that reflects my values of clear ​communication, personal responsibility, being heart-centered, and above all, being ​conscious about my thoughts and actions. I have honed much of this in the Conscious ​Leadership cohorts. I love to collaborate and I have equal expectations of my creative ​partners.


I create for a Pro-topian future. [We already have more than enough dystopian content out ​there provoking fear within us.]

Incorporating the Female & Non-binary Gaze + 99% Socioeconomic Gaze is the future.

I bring a regenerative mindset to each production knowing that nourishing mind, body and ​spirit will prevent burnout.

I believe that how we feel and behave behind the camera directly affects the performance ​and authenticity of those in front of the camera.

Living beings over synthetic things.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion inspires Creativity, Connection & Impact.

L: Photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Center: Director Erin Heidenreich

Right: Director of Photography Ashley Connor in Bangkok

Erin Heidenreich presenting her film at TIFF


Erin Heidenreich is an award-winning director of films, commercials and creative director of multi-sensory exhibits. ​Many of her films reveal complexities of life, gender norms, and often demonstrate new perspectives. THE WAR TO BE ​HER premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and tells the story of the Taliban hunting a girl who was ​passing as a boy in order to play sports in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. RISING SONS premiered at DOCNYC and ​reveals a Congolese couple working to end sexual violence against women through the healing of men. Dove's ​"Shattering Stereotypes" creates a world where women and non-binary people finally see themselves reflected in the ​media, winner of the Silver Lion Award for Change at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity. Erin has ​directed commercial work for Always, Grubhub, Dove, Visa, Peloton, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, ​Mattel, Google, Environmental Defense Fund, UPS, GOOD, Nintendo, Scion, among others.

Erin directed the short films: WANDERING MIND about a woman connecting to her own sexual pleasure, THE STORIES ​WE TELL OURSELVES in which a person demonstrates authorship in her own life, and SIX FEET APART about finding ​an unusual connection mid-pandemic through dance.

She also produced films: MISSION CONGO about Pat Robertson’s devious mining for diamonds (Toronto International ​Film Festival), MADE IN INDIA follows a couple trying to get pregnant (HotDocs), THE OTHER SHORE now on Netflix ​depicts Diana Nyad’s record-breaking swim (SXSW), BEING WITH YOU with Tara Brach & Sounds True, 2nd unit ​directed Doug Pray's LEVITATED MASS about Michael Heizer’s boulder art piece at LACMA (Los Angeles Film ​Festival), and was the co-founder of Cinetic Media where she represented over 300 films including several Oscar ​Winning/Nominated films such as: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, SUPERSIZE ME, ​NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, JESUS CAMP, BRICK, THE ​STATION AGENT, SPELLBOUND & WAKING LIFE.

Erin studied under directing actors coaches Adrienne Weiss and Joan Scheckel, programmed for the Bali International ​Film Festival, and worked as a video journalist for Time Magazine's web portal. She is a frequent panelist at film ​festivals and on podcasts; you can find her discussing A.I.’s impact on filmmaking on NPR. She was invited to speak ​at the United Nations with her film THE WAR TO BE HER. Erin mentors women and non-binary MFA students from ​Northwestern University, she began her career at Miramax Films, and holds a B.S. in Communication Studies and ​Political Science from Northwestern University.

Beige Skin Tone Gradient Background

On set - BTS

Prepping Michael Phelps before the

first shot

With DP Jo Willems for Peloton

With DP Ashley Connor in Santiago, Chile

With DP Mahera Omar in

Peshawar, Pakistan

In Istanbul, Turkey - for Always

With DP Alexis Zabe for


Interviewing Pierce Brosnan

With DP Pedro Ramirez in

Lagos, Nigeria

Hiding my camera under ​my dupatta while filming ​THE WAR TO BE HER in ​NW Pakistan

Multi-Sensory Immersive Exhibits

If We Could Turn Back Time

In Person + Virtual Reality story-led experience immersing the person into the intuitive knowledge that re-parents ​the wounded child within.

Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn

Take a journey through four trauma responses in your nervous system and feel what it’s like to regulate them.

The Miracle of Your Life

The biological odds of your existence are 1 in ​1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

The experience has you viscerally feel the sheer miracle that you are alive.